Friday, May 14, 2010

One of us -

one of us played hookey today and yes it was not me.... now does this little boy look sick to you? sick boys don't run like my little boy.

we hung out and enjoyed each other's company. today was absolutely beautiful.

honestly when I arrived at this park and started walking and breathing the fresh air my broken neck did not hurt.

I did end up going to the hospital again today - so far that is like four visits in the last couple months.

I asked the doctor if they had any spare necks laying around and I guess that was a BIG NO since I am still wearing the same one I had on this morning.

I dragged with me these cute little bobble head dollies. love them!
I got the two little ones at an auction a while ago and the larger one I found at the antique mall in La Grange.

FAITH I suppose.

and as you can tell the larger one has a broken neck OH wait a second YES, JUST LIKE ME!

I am so grateful that I can still walk.
SUCKS to be in pain everyday though.

at the end of our little trip to this wonderful park I asked my son so did you have a nice time and his answer was - YES, MOM cause I spent it with you.....

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Patti said...

What a sweet post Angie!!! And everyone needs some mental health days no matter how old they are! So sorry that you are in such pain- that stinks! Take care~~~