Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Friday and it's sunny outside and I am off today since I worked last Saturday. THANK you JESUS!

I am off and running getting my boys ready for school, making lunches and then off to the doc for my crazy neck problems..... I guess this issue is never going to go away.

I am then off to get lost somewhere in Chicago. Nice day to put on some great music in the car, roll the windows down and of course bring the camera along.

This little guy in the pic is saying he is sick today..... is he sick or is wanting to spend time with his mami on her day off..... I think he wants to spend time with his mami....

I took this pic last weekend at his outdoor soccer game somewhere on the north side. I admire how good these kids are at such an early age. I wonder how much longer he will like playing soccer? Oh well, they are a calling and I gotta run....... will post more later...

Peace to ya.... off and running again I guess this is my life when you have to very active boys.

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Patti said...

Ahhhh a soccer shot- that's something new to me lol! Glad you are off on such a beautiful day- finally, right?! Hope it was all you wanted and needed it to be!!! Have a wonderful weekend~~~