Saturday, May 22, 2010


So today's road took me to the Graue Mill antique festival.

I tell ya it was a beautiful sunny day, a bit on the muggie side..

My older son decided to join me at the festival.

The youngest stayed with his father as this kind of girlie stuff is not his cup of tea.

My oldest is learning to enjoy antiquing and also the flea. He loves it and I am happy that at least I have someone to come with (not that I wouldn't go by myself)

These are a few pics I took today. A bit of the eye candy that I saw today. All lovely.

I would say that all was placed and decorated very nicely how can you not fall in love with everything.

This is a must see show so if you did not attend this year you must try to go next year.

stay tuned for more eye candy soon

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trash talk said...

What fabulous stuff...especially the twisted wire settee.