Sunday, May 30, 2010

#16 - my son - Park Ridge

yesterday was beautiful don't you agree. weather was perfect.

I spent my day going back and forth to Park Ridge, IL for my son's soccer tournament.

Well if you can direct your attention to the last picture of this post. look in the middle do you see the wipe out of #2 in orange by my son. I swear #2 was an awesome player he was a one man team. He ran as fast as a gazelle. My son finally took him out in the middle of the game. NO NO NO I am not promoting the injury of kids here so don't get me wrong.... He was just that good.

The other team did end up winning and yes by 4 or 5 goals made by #2 on the other team.

He is also at another game this morning yes bright and early at 8....

Sorry I was not able to make that one, his father took him to that.

I am off to go buy burgers and hotdogs and all the other fixings for a BBQ with my parents and friends...

You all have a wonderful day.

Peace to ya....

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY my friends and don't forget to drink DOS XX with the most interesting man in the world, I will be.

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