Sunday, November 15, 2009

soccer season comes to end

outdoor soccer if finally over for my two boys, but the saga continues.

Indoor soccer, yes, indoor soccer.

Thank God that my older child has a break of soccer till January.

The Wheaton Antique market is today, I am going to try and run to go for just an hour as I have to go to Indiana and see my mother in law this morning.

Look at this wonderful farm I spied with my little eye in St. Charles, IL.

Well by looking at the clock here it's 7:25 and I am still in my p.j.s and all is quiet upstairs.. I think the anqtique market will have to wait till next month.


beth said...

you know I love that barn !!

and I'm a huge fan of indoor soccer since I used to play on a mom's league....I was even a goalie for one season....LOVED IT !

Rebecca said...

Love your Christmas decorations! And I agree that farm is fabulous... Congratulations on a well done soccer season...
I love Sunday mornings...I don't have to open the shop til noon and I also can sit in my pjs and visit my wonderful friends!

Patti said...

Love the soccer pics! We are in the throes of indoor soccer- Molly is on 2 teams! yay. (can you sense the excitement emmanating from me?) Love the barn pic- beautiful