Sunday, November 15, 2009

a bit more

so this Sat for the first time in a while I did not have to run to work or have to be at any soccer games.

what were we to do with all our free time.

well this is what I did, other then just the usual cleaning, I got to do a bit more decorating.

this Santa is my fav. I got that in MO years ago.

this cute tree was a Hallmark buy many years ago as well. it's one of my favs as I always take it out and place it in a special place. it has little silver bells attached so when a little bit of wind hits it you can hear them jingle.

the holly wreath bought in Old St. Charles, MO at the Flower Petlar, if you ever are in MO you need to go there. they have wonderful wreaths.

well that is a bit more I wanted to share. it's all coming out slowly.

stay tuned for more.


trash talk said...

You are definitely one busy little elfette! I'm going to get at it eventually!

Nadz said...

Wonderful images.

Patti said...

Cool stuff!!! And it all photographs so well- nicely done!