Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you SCARED?

fun was had by all last night on Halloween. our two nephews joined us for a fun filled night.

last year we trick or treated in the south side of Chicago, but this year my boys wanted to stay in our area.

We have been in our house now for 11 months today so I can understand why they wanted to just hang around here.

candy was collected, little people were tired.

it ended by going back to our house for pizza and candy and pop. they played till they wiped out around 11:00.

oh and yes they were up bright and early this morning.

hope you had a very ghoulish night like we did.


Jen R. said...

Great halloween decorations!

trash talk said...

What a great night and they look very scary! Boys knock me out when they dress up for Halloween. It's all about blood and guts, right?

Patti said...

Excellent pictures...they almost made me want to scream!!! (lol) Looks like you all had a fun time!