Sunday, April 1, 2012


So I am back, actually got back yesterday around 12 something in the afternoon. Am I happy to be back? Yes, I guess I am, but part of me could of stayed. It's not reality though if you really think about it.

We had fun - the trip and drive went very well and I am so grateful. Of course, I am so worn out. Been washing since yesterday, plus my plants needed some care and I hate my floors having any kind of dust on them so that had to be done. So no, I did not get home to take a nap, it's the same ole real life as usual.

I took around a 1000 pics. Tons and tons and I will post them soon. I finally got the laptop away from my son so now I get to use it and download all the pics. Pics from the road trip, to Universal, to what we ate and what we did. We went to Clear Water beach which was beautiful and very relaxing. Was I in pain no not at all not even when I was bent over for a few hours collecting sea shells. NO pain. That felt good.

So stay tuned I will be posting tons of pics in the next week and here are a few starting in a few minutes.....

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