Sunday, November 20, 2011

so it's Sunday night again and back to work tomorrow..

3 day week for me... YAY!

so have you started your Christmas shopping? I got a few presents on Saturday that I picked up here an there...

my plans today were totally messed up and somehow I ended up in a small Catholic chappel that they leave open very late... probably was there for about two hours just thinking and repenting and I did leave feeling better, but with an immense headache..

I feel better now for sure, but not sure if I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family... we all have family issues right?

I am just a bit stubborn and I wear my heart on my sleeve and when I am encountered with an issue that I can't handle I run away. this time THANK GOD the chappel was close by because honestly that was the best place to run too. I finally left when someone sat behind me and was hitting my chair... out all the little chairs that were there they sat behind me and kept hitting the chair.. I finally grabbed my bag and left.

okay ya'll my brain is fried, my eyes are puffy and I have no more energy left for the day... Thank God this day will end and tomorrow we start anew...

Peace - have a great week...

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