Saturday, August 6, 2011

bonjour -
so this morning since I am boringly doing chores, while waiting for the washing machine to finish I like to set up props and practice my photography.
everything in this pic was bought at my favorite thrift I had wrote about before.
large white platter I think was around 1.20, the beautiful flowered bowl don't remember less then 3 or 4 and all the vintage linen I think was around 4.00 as well.....
I also love going cause I can always convince my mother to go with me and I get to spend time with her.
sooooo okay gotta run will be back soon to post more pics, my son just came home with his first snake.. a normal ball python ( whatever that really means) I am afraid to ask what a non normal ball python is. I gave in, it was his 14th birthday on the 4th... so running upstairs to make sure it's in it's cage and not roaming around the house..

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