Monday, February 7, 2011

so where have I been..... well in hiding I guess... it's been a while since I last posted, the worst snow storm since 196o something came and went, more snow has come and gone and just lots of stuff happening.

if I shared it all it would probably be boring to you.
you know how sometimes life and it's issues get in the way.

I saw my mother yesterday and hung out with her and my family to have a nice dinner. I have always bragged about my mother being a great cook, she truly is. Always has plenty of food to feed the world. I am going to be honest here, my mother and I never really got along when I was growing up. She was very tough on me, being the eldest and the only female other then herself in a household full of boys.

its funny how sometimes even now we sometimes clash. well when we do it isn't that funny at all. I then again try to stay away as much as possible before she calls looking for me to see why I have not called. IN MY MIND, I want to say because sometimes as nice of a person that you are YOU HURT MY FEELINGS and PLS REMEMBER MOM THAT I AM NOW AN ADULT and ITS TIME THAT YOU REALIZE THAT - but of course, I turn the other way and try to thank GOD that I still have a mother. some of us in this world don't have a mother by their side any longer.

why am I telling you all this.... maybe it's a form of therapy. I love my mother to death but she has no clue who I really am and how I feel sometimes. I believe in her mind she believes everything in my life is perfect. who knows...... if she only knew.....

so I think I have crossed the line a bit, the skeletons in my closet have snuck out a little.

that is all for today.

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