Saturday, February 26, 2011

so it's the weekend I just got up and I feel like a bus hit me... man did I have a bad night or do still need to sleep more. It was a long day yesterday worked till 7 and then did not get home till almost 9:30 at which time I sat on the couch and knocked out.

and I still fell a little bit like c---. so what have you been up to. I finally went to see a counselor the other day. looks like I am going to like her. very calming voice in a small room with a big comfy sofa with her little water fall runnin in the background. we will see.

I have tons to do today, wish it would be a slow day today, but it aint going to be... so maybe a nice long hot shower will do the trick to wake me up so that I can get going.

so I see a few people visit my blog from CHICAGO, I am curious - who are you? leave me a comment believe me I don't bite. it would be nice to know who you are.... hey maybe we can become friends I am always looking for some good friends.

okay I have bored you enough. peace to you today. may your day be grand... see ya soon.

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