Saturday, November 27, 2010

so what a long day yesterday I was up at around 5:35 and did not get home till almost 11:00 p.m.

I ended up meeting my cousin Yoli and her daughter Kari at Oak Brook Mall to do a bit of holiday shopping.

We had a great time especially when we spent most of the time trying to talk southern.... we were pretending we were southern belles... I am sure the people around us thought we were a bit on the cooo cooo side, but it was just fun and by that time I think it was the exhaustion hitting in... or maybe the cold air that was making us delirious. We had a fun time just laughing. I have not laughed like that in a while it's good for the soul you know.

well I am off to a baptism today and guess what the sun is shining and I get to enjoy that. I have not been to a church in forever, I prefer going to church when no one is there so by that I mean I have not been to a church service in a while. I promised myself that I need to get to a church during lunch sometime just to reflect and be at peace at least once a week. it's getting too cold to go to the park during lunch. I believe there are a few Catholic churches in Elmhurst close to work. so that is what I have on my bucket list.

You all have a great day and we will see what today and tomorrow brings... cousin wants to hang at the Aurora outlet mall tomorrow... she needs to do some more shopping...

have a nice day ya'll

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