Sunday, July 5, 2009

My heart goes pitter patter

there is something about wooded trails that makes my heart pitter patter. I believe it's the serenity that's hidden beneath all those trees.

at the Morton Arboretum there are tons of trails to explore. I hope this past Friday was the beginning of many future peaceful walks


trash talk said...

It looks so cool and serene. BTW, love the new header photo!

Patti said...

Hi~ Isn't the Arboretum wonderful? It's different every time. Hope you are having a great week! Love the new header~

Michel Murphy said...

I would love to visit it some day. It does look peaceful. I was thinking today about our flea marketing/antiquing road trip to Fulton, MO 2 years ago. I'll never forget it because it was 7/7/07, oh, and because it was such fun, too.

Rebecca said...

I grew up in Mn and our family usually camped up north quite a bit during the summer with other families we knew. The woods hold some fond childhood memories. Thanks for a walk down memory lane