Thursday, April 9, 2009

this is my youngest and last weekend at the flea he was my accomplise. he's mommas little pookey.

yes he got tired last week attending the flea with me. he is so funny. his way of telling me that it's time to go goes something like this "mom my legs don't work anymore" and he actually starts dragging one of this feet....but as soon as we get home he never complains of any pains. I always tell him your tooo young boy for pains wait till your 40...

so on my way home last weekend, I found two wonderful plant nurseries. one was in Geneva, Il which I will definitely go back too because it was the greatest little place & Geneva kind of reminds me of St. Charles, Mo so I really need to go back and another was closer to home.

I really can't wait for this weather to get better. I hope it does not start getting nice till I get back.

I am off to Bloomington this weekend and won't be back home till April 25th.... what will I do with myself. Don't know... I will try to say goodbye to you all on Sat.

Peace to ya!


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your son is so sweet. My son used to like to go to the flea market with me - I loved that.

trash talk said...

He is a cutie pie. Isn't it amazing how tired they can get when it's something they don't won't to do, but revive immediately upon passing Chucky Cheese?
I have got to get myself to a nursery and soon!

Patti said...

Look at that face- it's saying..."Take me home- please"- too cute! The nursery looks beautiful! No plants at the ones by me yet. Are your boys on break next week (I think you told me- I can't remember)?- if so- that stinks if you have to be gone! That is a long time to be gone! Can you come home over the weekend?

By the way...Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a good one! Enjoy!

Anita said...

Hope to see you at Kane this month- we're staying in the Main Building one more month....should have pictures up next week!