Saturday, March 10, 2012

so this is one of my new orchids the flowers are very small probably as small as a dime. it's so pretty and it still has a few buds left to bloom.

ooops I made a mistake the previous picture is not of my peony plant. actually, I really thought it was, but when I looked closer yesterday it's an iris that is right next to the peony plant.

so I am up early again, I was having the craziest dream. I was in line for a concert and I was up next to get checked by security. I was so nervous they would find my camera in my purse that while the guy was checking me I was throwing stuff out of my purse into the garbage to distract him.

He then got suspicious and started looking through the trash. He found a shirt of mine in the garbage filled with old blood. Actually, it was not blood, it was a drink that I had had some time before that had spilled on my shirt, had dried up and looked like blood. I was then pulled aside as he called the police to come and check the shirt that was full of blood as he thought. CRAZY DREAM actually that woke me up so that is why I am up at freakin 6:00 a.m. instead of sleeping in. Funny cause then during the week all I was to do is sleep when I have to go to work..... LOL

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Shaile's Edible Art said...

I love this tiny orchid. I am a sugar artist and make gumpaste flowers and love to make tiny ones. Always a challenge.