Saturday, December 11, 2010

I got up way before 7 a.m. and I just got home after a long day at work and then met my cousin in oak brook.

of course had some crazy a-- laughs.... it's always fun to hang out with the girls in my case my cousin and her daughter Karina..

we went to The Cheese Cake Factory and had a few appetizers and then some martinis. I am not a martini drinker give me a nice cold corona anytime, but since I had a martini tonight I guess the lemon drop is my fav. Actually since this is my second one and I ordered the same one the last time I really can't say its a fav but it's good.

so nothing going on this weekend. I heard snow.... and chilly weather..... oh well maybe it will be a stay in weekend with tons of movie watching and of course the usual weekend chores.

time for some tv.... you all have a good night.

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