Friday, December 24, 2010

i got this pic of this home a long time ago on one of my flea or antique ventures.... always loved the pine tree and the snow, I thought how pretty.

so it's Christmas Eve my youngest woke me up this morning wishing me the best Christmas ever and that today he would not give me a hard time like the other day when I was off. He said he would be on his best behavior... I love that child to death.
Such a kind heart beautiful I tell you.
I hope he always stays beautiful inside and out, but you know how life can be sometimes.

My eldest is a bit more reserved not as expressive as the youngest. He is more quiet and timid but I love that about him. He will be my rock when he becomes an adult. I can just tell. The youngest will be a dreamer thinking everything is beautiful when sometimes it's really not - kind of like me poor thing I hope he does not follow in my path.

I will be spending this Christmas eve with my parents and my brothers, a few nephews, sometimes a few friends will stop by as my parents have always attracted people that might not have complete families. My parents always take anyone in even if they are not family it doesn't matter who you are, what race you are, or what religion you are.... it's not about the outside it's about the inside I believe.

I can go on and on today, I guess I am on a bit of an emotional roller coaster today, the true angie coming out... the one I like to hide deep inside.... so enough said....

Have a great CHRISTMAS eve today ...... whoever you are.

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Patti said...

Hi Angie!!!It sounds like you have been busy! So the boys are on break- that's good- it does take so much energy (and money) to keep kids happy and occupied, doesn't it?!
It sounds like you will be having a nice Christmas Eve. Ours will be too- early though- since there are some little nephews who need to be back in Winfield and asleep for Santa. Oh well. Christmas Day will be tough as we always went to my sister's house and we will not be- that's still hard. Anyway- Life goes on...
I hope all is well and I promise I will be stopping by here more often.

Merry Christmas my friend~ Hugs and love to YOU!