Sunday, August 22, 2010

so this morning while I was picking up a bit and cleaning my glass table where my orchids sit and catch their sun rays, I did my usual routine of watering them.

A while ago I purchased this ORCHID plant on clearance. It was not doing so well, but that is why I got it because I thought if I gave it a loving home I could bring it back from the sad state it was in.

A few months did pass, it lost it flowers and honestly the leaves were not doing so good. A few times in the back of my mind I thought to myself darn I was not able to save it. It had a nice window, sun, water and of course my usual pep talk...

so this morning during my usual Sunday routine of watering this plant I noticed this lovely sight.
Yes, a new little leaf and a new root shoot..... It honestly brought a big smile to my face.

Did not really expect that. So many times I had thought it's not going to make it and then I will have to throw it out, but I am so glad I didn't because as you can see it was not dead, no not at all. I didn't give up and neither did the plant.

What a perfect way to begin a day....


Michel said...

Yes, new leaves-a gratifying sight.
I like the transparency pic of you over the Chicago skyline. I landed at Midway on the way to New Hamphire last week and there it was!! Would you believe I forgot to get out my camera? Shame on me.

Patti said...

Perfect- glad you didn't toss it either! Hpe all is well in your world Angie!