Monday, August 16, 2010

Jackpot yes Jennifer all this from our little thrift store

so this Sunday I hung out with my mother and guess where we went. Yes, that's right we went to my favorite thrift in the south side. At first I was dragging, but thank GOD that I got some energy cause it was 1/2 off weekend. Some of my finds are pictured below the most I pd was $2.80 for a cute snowman plate made by Hallmark still in the box (not pictured) the rest well all below I would say $1.00.

I got a few vintage linen table clothes, a large square black pillow case with the bright flowers, more and more flowers.... I have been on a flower kick lately.

I got the Haeger ceramic pot below, milk glass look at the great scalloped border

my favorite of all the finds was this beautiful tapestry pictured below... the picture I took does not do it justice so when I can get a better pic I will post it. It's beautiful you will see.

so how much did I spend for all that you see well around $25.00 plus tax. My mom spent around the same and found some great things.

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Patti said...

OMG! That fabric has left me speechless! WHERE is this thrift shop? You find the coolest places and things- you really do! That should be a new profession for you!