Friday, April 16, 2010

Dont know if you ever do this

While I was on vacation I tried to memorize the special places that totally captivated my eye. I sat myself examining everything carefully - colors, texture, smell.

My memory is so bad, but I was hoping that maybe staring at all the beauty for a bit would help me remember it all. Why do I do this? - Well in my mind when I really need a happy thought I can go back into my mind and try to remember that special place. Remember the good feeling it left imprinted.

The top picture was in Sedona, you can tell by the red dirt/sand and the bottom pic was in the pine forests of Flagstaff.

I seriously plan on getting away one day again to Sedona, AZ, yes it has a hold on me.

It's crazy cause I am such a free bird, but a responsible free bird. What I mean is if I didn't have a job or children I would be all over the place, just like a gypsy wandering the world, sleeping under the stars.

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Patti said...

Beautiful shots Angie! I so get the gypsy part and the responsible part as well. It's so hard to be "us" isn't it?! Have a wonderful week, Friend...