Saturday, February 27, 2010

my youngest - we are so much alike...

this is my youngest....

we might not look so much alike, but we are so alike in so many other ways.

he is so antsy, he is not one of those kids that just sit in front of the tv and get entertained.

he wanted to pose for me... okay let's see what you got... well here it is - not your typical poses. he wanted to pose on this chair pretending he was sleeping. I swear I laughed for a while after I saw these pics because if you knew him you would understand why I find these pics so crazy funny.

I find them entertaining because he is just like every pose. He can't sit still and I swear if I would let him grow up in a circus he would probably enjoy that. He is so full of energy and personality. So for him to just sit still well that is not him at all.

I just thought I would share a bit of my world with my youngest.


Patti said...

Those pictures are hilarious! What a great spirit and sense of humor he must have!! Have a wonderful (non-sunny once again...) day today!

caracol said...


i bought some moz.

Barntiques said...

I love the "candid shots" and the model is too cute! You should keep these close at hands, always fun to terrorize them at graduation open houses! Here's hoping for a warmer March than the wicked February we had.