Monday, January 18, 2010

I know this is not a pic of my spine, this is a picture of an old body form I purchased a few years back. Since it kind of reminds me of my spine I thought I would use it.

Got the news, not bad, but not great either.

degenerative spine

bulging disc

and some of my bones at a certain level have lost the cushion in between each other

oh and by the way you also have bone spurs that pinch your nerves and that is why the pain radiates down your arm or up your neck

okay so what does this mean.... well pain for the rest of my life, meds and more meds (keep them comin) physical therapy to relieve the pain and surgery as the last recourse.

I will take this news any day. I was actually thinking tumor and thank GOD that this is not what I heard today... so for the above news THANK you LORD. I am not happy that I will be in pain always, but I am happy that I will still be around for my boys. They might have to push me around in a wheel chair one day, but at least I will still be around to see them grow up.

Beth, pls let me know what you do for your pain.


Barntiques said...

We don't always want to hear the diagnosis, but at least now you will be able to form a plan to relieve the pain. There are so many options. I hope that you get relief soon. Here's to a great recovery, slow, but great!

Patti said...

Knowing what it is is half the battle, isn't it? Now you know what you are up against and can take measures to treat it. I am glad that you are somewhat relieved- that must have been so scary for you! Have a good weekend and take care of yourself!

Ad Libitum said...

At age 59, my spine was so bad I couldn't walk a whole city block without squatting down and stretching out my back. Went to see a chiropractor, he did some intensive adjustments a couple times a week for two weeks, then I went on an every-other-week maintenance program. I see him for about 5 minutes every other week and now I'm 70 and have no trouble walking 2 or three miles. I'm virtually pain and med free.

Might want to at least give chiropractic a try.