Monday, June 13, 2011

so this weekend went by so fast, Kari's (niece) grad party was very fun and the food was great. Will share a few pics later. You will be able to see all my family.

I am off today, took 2 days off to spend some time with my boys, slept in and now running to get ready so we can go to the zoo...

I love going to the farmers market not only for all the great veggies, breads and fruit that people bring to sell, but for all the ladies that bring jewelery that they make to sell.

I couldn't here are two pairs that I got. Of course the 1st ones to represent nature and the second the eiffel tower which I hope to one day see personally.

okay well gotta run so I will see ya all soon. Hope you had a great weekend as well.

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Michel said...

Your niece is adorable. Congratulations to her.
Love the soft pink of the peony--especially against the weathered white basket.
I did hear that Blue Valentine is excellent. I'll have to check it out.