Saturday, September 19, 2009

deep breath.......

well I took a well deserved day off this past week. Mondays are the best for me as that is the start of the week and who wouldn't enjoy the start of the week with a day off.

off I went to one of my favorite places the Mortom Arboretum. I swear this place is like Heaven to me. I can loose myself in this place. love taking a deep breath while I am walking around and just taking in the fresh air. loosing myself in here - would they ever find me?

i did bring a bag with me that I filled with acorns and a few pine cones. i have always been a nature lover, but never knew how much until now. yes, I would be one of those that would throw myself in front of a tree if I saw them cutting it down.

there are two places thatI love going to when I am on total overload:

1: A quiet empty church
2: this beautiful retreat

I hope you enjoy this pics. look at the cool orange mushrooms that I found under a tree. the color is amazing.

gosh my heart goes pitter patter!


Patti said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! Glad you got to go and I am sure you needed and deserved it! Lovin this weather...happy weekending!

beth said...

it looks spectacular !

decorating fabrics said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures. The pictures of the fern and the orange mushrooms looked beautiful.